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This year there were several dozen races, with over 800 rowers from colleges and clubs. The featured events were the 27th Annual Windermere Cup races, pitting the home team (University of Washington) against crews from Cornell and Dartmouth. In previous years, UW has invited Syracuse, Cal, Stanford, Navy, Oxford, Cambridge, and national teams from Holland, Australia, China and Russia (among many others).

Both of the 2013 Windermere Cup races were won by UW (mens' and womens' varsity eights), with Cornell finishing second, and Dartmouth third.

UW crews have a long history of success. This year they are chasing a third consecutive national championship. The UW eight defeated the favored Germans in the 1936 Berlin Olympics, while Hitler watched. This little-known story is retold in a recently released book, which may be developed into a film.