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These images were made to test the phase detection autofocus sensors in my D800E. I used a Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8G lens, set at 32mm, f/2.8, AF-S single sensor, ISO 100. Shutter speed was 1/2500 or 1/1600 sec. Camera was on a tripod, located on the roof of a garage opposite the building shown in the images. I tilted the camera down slightly, so that the AF sensors were spanning high contrast boundaries on the building. For comparison, I made shots using Live View (contrast detection AF), placing the sensitive area at the same locations seen by the phase detection sensors. For the shots made with the phase detection sensors, Mup release mode was used. Before each shot, focus was racked to infinity. Autofocus and exposures were initiated via MC-30 remote release. The camera was set to an AF Fine Tune calibration determined by Reikan FoCal software, but this adjustment was small (-5) and probably irrelevant.

The images in this gallery are not intended to be great art, or demonstrations of my creative and technical skills. But this set might provide some other D800(E) and D4 owners with some examples of what to look for when testing the AF sensors, and some ideas on how to do the testing. Bear in mind that this D800E might be a relatively "good" sample. I tested a D800 that displayed much worse AF sensor performance.

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